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Why or What for to Receive a Massage !
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The World today has filled up our daily timetable in such a way that we
end up stressed out and as a result our immune system is weakened
and we get diseases, disorders, and a long etc that makes our life
more difficult and painful.
The Benefits

General benefits of massage therapy:
•         Feels good and it is a pleasurable experience.
•         Increases your body self awareness and sensitivity.
•         Reduces your stress, tension and anxiety levels.
•         Calms the nervous system and has a centring/balancing effect.
•         Relaxes, focuses and clears your mind.
•         Helps to improve and maintain your posture.
•         Helps to fulfil your need for a caring and nurturing touch.
•         Encourages self-esteem and a general feeling of well-being.
•         Increased your awareness of the whole being connection and improves your emotional awareness.
•         Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy.
•         Fosters peace of mind.
•         Enhances athletic performance; Treats injuries caused during sport or work.
•         Strengthens the immune system.
•         Satisfies needs for caring nurturing touch.
•         Increases the blood supply and nutrition to your muscles.
•         Relaxes your muscles, effectively reducing spasms, tension and cramping.
•         Reduces and breaks down adhesions (knots) and fibrosis.
•         Reduces your muscle and soft tissue pain.
•         Improves the circulation and nutrition of the joints and helps increase your range of joint movement.
•         Reduces joint strain and compression through releasing tight muscles and tendons.
•         Helps to reduce the lack of blood and by direct pressure and stimulation reduces pain due to the irritation of
nerves       that control your circulatory system.
•         Enhances the elimination of the waste products of your metabolism.
•         Has the overall effect of lowering your blood pressure and reduces your pulse rate.
•         Facilitates tissue healing through the enhancement of circulation.
•         Increases tissue fluid and assists lymphatic circulation thus reducing swelling and enhancing the immune and
filtering activities of this system.
•         Relaxes the muscles and helps to re-establish proper tones through its effect on the neuromuscular reflex
•         Is known to affect the neurotransmitters of the brain and increase endorphine secretion in particular (natural
•         Can reduce nerve root compression caused by muscular tension.
•         Increases the excretion (via the kidneys) of fluids and waste products of protein metabolism, inorganic
phosphorous and salt in normal individuals.
•         Stimulates peristalsis and can reduce cramping or spasm in the digestive tract.
If we would take more care and  more time for ourselves we would avoid a long list of complications and bad feelings
that in fact are unnecessary.
If we are already in that state of stress and with pain , massage or any alternative therapies is a very important way for
the recovery of our balance.
•         Can help with some skin conditions like eczema, but please check with
your Doctor to make sure that what you have is not contagious.
•         Deepens and normalises the breathing pattern through relaxation, and
release of tension in the breathing structures, both the rib cage and the muscles
of respiration.
Relaxing Massage  by May in Munich
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Chair Massage in a Business by May in Munich
Safety - Precautions/ Contra-Indications

Certain medical conditions require the exercise of caution concerning the
advisability of receiving massage. If you are in any doubt, or if you are under
medical supervision, check with your doctor or other qualified medical
practitioner before embarking on massage therapy. This advice applies
particularly in the case of cardiovascular conditions and heart disease,
especially in cases of thrombosis, phlebitis, and oedema. Massage will be
avoided during the first three months of pregnancy when the risk of miscarriage
is highest.
The causes of acute back pain should first be diagnosed by a physician before
receiving massage treatment. Consult a qualified medical practitioner in cases of
raised temperature, infections, or contagious disease.
Seek medical advice before having a massage if you have any of the following

•         Circulatory problems: Phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, heart conditions,
internal bleeding or hemorrhage.
•         If you are under medication.
•         Diabetes: Reflexology may affect insulin levels.
•         Clients with undiagnosed conditions/pain, lumps or bumps, who may or may not
be receiving treatment.
•         Medical Oedema.
•         Osteoporosis.
•         Skin infections and contagious diseases.
•         Acute rheumatism or arthritis.
•         Asthma/ Bronchitis.
•         Bells Palsy.
•         Locally: On recently fractured, sprained or strained feet/ankles, over
undiagnosed lumps or bumps, cuts, bruising or abrasions, over inflammation/swelling.
•         Scar tissue: 2 years after a major operation.
•         Any condition being treated by another medical practitioner.

It is totally contraindicated for these conditions:

•         Cancers: Not contraindicated for terminal stages.
•         Pregnancy: During the first trimester.
•         Epilepsy: Treatment may stimulate an attack.
•         Under the influence of alcohol or other non-medical drugs.